Individual Scuba diving entry


Slots available to divers in pairs or small groups (less than 10 tank divers) and to instructors with their students.


 hours Mon Tues Wed Thur Fry

Weekends and public holidays:

 hours saturday sunday

Do not hesitate to consult My NEMO or the NEMO33 app on which other time slots are regularly added.


Licensed diver: 28 €, bottle included (DIN or international taps)
Instructor: 28 €, tank included (DIN or international valves)
Non-certified student accompanied by instructor: 28 € to pay online + 12 € to pay at the reception desk, equipment included (fins, masks, waistcoat, regulator and tank)


You can take your own equipment, except the tank. The following items are available for hire

  1. mask 3 €
  2. fins 3 €
  3. stabilizing jacket (BCD) 3 €
  4. regulator 3 €
  5. computer 3 €

Rental directly at the reception desk on the day of your dive.
For reasons of order and hygiene, dive bags cannot be taken into the pool. They must be left in the changing rooms.


The dive lasts 1 hour and is compulsory in pairs.

H-30 min. Meeting at the reception with your certificate
H-15 min. go to the changing room
H+00 min. Safety briefing at the poolside and equipment assembly
T+10 min.  Launching into the water
T+45 min. Ascent to the 5-metre plateau
T+55 min. exit from the water and removal of the suit

For more information, please contact the recetion desk: or +32(0)2.332.33.34 (closed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM)


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Do you have an unforeseen problem? You can cancel your session yourself free of charge up to 4 hours before the activity. To unsubscribe, go to "My basket". You will then get your session back.
After this time, you will lose your session, unless you provide a medical certificate proving your inability to perform the planned activity.